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Mid-Night Prayers

I have always been a heavy sleeper.  You name it and I will sleep through it.  Give me a bed.  Or a chair.  Or a corner.  Or a folded t-shirt on a hard floor.  And I will be asleep within a few minutes.

I have never been a great prayer.  It may be related to the above.  If prayer equals quiet + comfortable, it also equals asleep.  I pray often for really short bursts of time throughout the day, but am not great at finding making extended periods of time to pray.

Lately, there have been a number of issues – both personally and in our community – that have been weighing on my heart and have led me to pray.  For people.  For situations.  For decisions.  For hurts.  For joys.

But while I’ve found made more time to pray than usual, this week prayer has made its way into my life in an unexpected way.

As I mentioned, I am a heavy sleeper.  I do not toss and turn (or if I do, I do not know about it).  I do not wake up.

But, every night this past week, I’ve woken up at least once or twice each night.  Sometimes at 12:30AM, sometimes at 3:05AM, sometimes at 5:02AM.  Each time I turn to look at the clock and think about praying.  This is not exactly normal for me, since I do not have any pretense of being a great prayer, it seems a bit odd and strange.  I will also admit that I usually fall asleep pretty soon after I wake up and begin to pray (so it’s not like I’m having these crazy 6 hour prayer sessions in the middle of the night, ha!).

It’s all been kind of weird.  I haven’t felt over-tired in the mornings and have actually appreciated the little mid-night reminders – of the issues and situations that are weighing on my heart and of the need to pray more often than I usually do.

We’ll see if it keeps happening, I guess.  But, while it last(s)(ed), I think it has been good for me.


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