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I have had quite a bit of spare time recently and have filled much of that time with reading.  I have not quite accomplished my goal of reading more classics and hope that I can start working toward that again, as well as reading on a broader array of topics.  I am open to suggestions for good books to read (particularly fiction and non-fiction on philosophy, history/politics, linguistics, culture, environment, etc.), as I can too easily get caught up in reading mostly theology/ministry oriented books.

So, a few blurbs on what I’ve enjoyed reading lately:

Angela’s Ashes (McCourt).  After my friend Adam telling me to read this for a few years, I finally did.  Some of the scenes were hilarious and others were heartbreaking.  Really enjoyed it.

Ethnic Blends (DeYmaz, Li).  One of the better/best books on the multi-ethnic church conversation I have read.  Great mix of theology and practice, invitation and challenge.  Along with Divided by Faith (Emerson, Smith), I will recommend this book to anyone interested in thinking about race/ethnicity/culture in a church setting.

Love is an Orientation (Marin).  A really helpful book on the interaction/intersection between the Western church and the LGBT community.  I’ve been trying to read more on issues of sexuality and gender, and found this a book full of nuance and grace.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Kinney).  I was excited when Krissy brought this home from school.  While I enjoyed the first three books in the series more (especially the first two), it was nice to fly through a fun, easy to read, young adult book.

Whose Community?  Which Interpretation?  Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church (Westphal).  I have just started reading this but have a sense that this will be a really good read.  It is more succinct and approachable than the Thiselton work on hermeneutics I am also reading through, and is providing some helpful avenues into philosophy of language, linguistics, and interpretation.

ViralHope (Woodward).  My friend JR worked hard to take a series he hosted on his blog and turn it into a book published through a small press that he has been able to help start, focusing on works that will benefit missional practitioners.  An essay/entry I wrote is part of the published book, and it is neat to see JR’s vision for this series bound, published, and sitting on my bookshelf (and for sale on Amazon).

That’s all for now.  Again, let me know if you have any recommendations.


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