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Water is a big deal

Today is World Water Day.

“The sheer scale of dirty water means more people now die from contaminated and polluted water than from all forms of violence including wars,” the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said.

This includes 2.2 million people whose deaths are attributed to diarrhea, mostly from dirty water, and 1.8 million children aged under five who succumb to water-borne diseases. This equates to one infant every 20 seconds.

The quote above comes from a Christian Science Monitor article from today – check it out here.

You can also check out The Story of Bottled Water on YouTube, from the makers of The Story of Stuff.

Water is a big deal, and we waste a ton of it.  Get a low-flow aerator for your sinks and shower.  Stop flushing the toilet all the time (or spend $30 on this Dual Flush kit).  Figure out a system to salvage gray water.  Collect the cold water that is wasted while you wait for the shower to warm up.  Take shorter showers.  Don’t water your lawn or garden every day (or, if possible, just get rid of your lawn).

People are dying.  Little things can save lives.  Do little things while dreaming about big things.


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