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Everybody Communicates, Few Connect (book review)

John Maxwell is well-known for his speaking and writing on leadership. In his latest book – Everybody Communicates, Few Connect (published by Thomas Nelson, who provided a copy of this book through their Book Sneeze review program) – Maxwell addresses connecting with others in the context of communication.  The first half of the book discusses 5 principles for connection, while the second half takes those principles and offers five practices for connecting with others.  Each chapter contains numerous stories, illustrations, and quotations to further the point being made along with application suggestions for connecting one on one, in groups, and with a large audience.

John Maxwell has a style, and Few Connect fits that style like a glove.  Regardless of what he is speaking or writing about, he presents information with crystal clarity while making you feel like the material is so simple, basic, and important that “even you” can puts these principles into effect.  If you’ve read or heard Maxwell before, neither the presentation nor the content be surprising.  However, as someone who would like to communicate and connect with others better (and who wouldn’t want to do that?), I found Maxwell’s simple approach and concise delivery a helpful primer on connection-based communication.


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