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Mixed-Gender Dorm Rooms

An interesting article from the LA Times today about a move toward mixed-gender dorm rooms.

A few quotes that stuck out to me:

UC Berkeley senior Rose DeLeon-Foote, who has a male roommate, laughed at fears that gender-neutral housing might promote promiscuity. In fact, she said, the opposite is true when roommates see each other “all gnarly in the morning.”

“It’s not sexual, it’s just not,” said DeLeon-Foote, 19, of Sacramento.

The pair seem to have a warm brotherly-sisterly friendship and, while they try to be respectful, they say they are not inhibited about being in underwear or even nude while changing clothes in the room. They insist their living situation does not interfere with romantic relationships with other people. And although they have not been teased on campus, they face curious questions from relatives and friends.

“I definitely think it’s generational,” said Eland, 20, of Seattle. “For my grandparents, living with someone of the opposite sex, if he is not your serious boyfriend or husband or brother, would be very strange.”

It struck me as a bit odd that a “warm brotherly-sisterly friendship” was immediately described further as a relationship with no inhibitions about changing in front of each other.  I don’t know if that’s a normal sibling relationship.



One thought on “Mixed-Gender Dorm Rooms

  1. Grete says:

    Definitely not a normal sibling relationship. Plus, if they are randomly assigned, I would worry about some safety issues – higher incidents of sexual abuse or rape might also be highly unreported due to the commonality of the mixed-gender rooming situation.


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