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On Flesh and the Body

You have to hate the body very much (as of course the Gnostics did) to think that a bodiless eternity on a cloud is what we were designed and destined for.  God loves his creation.  He loves matter.  Despite all the trouble it has given him, he has not thrown it away and started again, and he never will.  The incarnation of God in Jesus is God’s affirming “yes” to the flesh.  Jesus’ resurrection body – the first example of the sort of body which we will ultimately have, and which is necessary to allow us to experience the super-sensual, super-material world we will inhabit – was far more material than ours.  It related to matter on this earth much as our bodies relate to mist.  So keen is God on the material, that the plan for the cosmos is to make it even more material than it currently is.

– Charles Foster, The Selfless Gene, 199.