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Reading More, Reading Deeply

When reading for a class, I usually read quickly for surface level understanding, sometimes (for papers, exams, or projects) read closely for critical engagement, but rarely had the opportunity to read deeply for transformation.  One of my goals since finishing my classwork for Fuller last spring was to read more, but to also read more deeply.

I have stacks of books that I read quickly and even closely in seminary that I would love to take the time to read deeply.  Works that I knew as I read them could be transformative if I only took the time to read without agenda.  I also want to shorten the books I am “currently reading,” some of which according to my book lists I have been “currently reading” since 2007.

I also have a desire to read more “classics” (literary classics as well as classics of the Christian faith).  Anytime I see anyone talk or write about reading “good” books, they usually talk about making sure that you are reading books that stand the test of time, and not just whatever is popular or faddish.  I have read more “new” books lately (partially because of what was assigned at Fuller, and partially because of my desire to stay on top of current/popular Christian books (and partially because some publishers will send you books for free, and I love books and free), and I’d like to balance this out a bit more, so hopefully I will also make time for reading “old” as much as I read “new.”

What books do you want to read this year?  What books should I read this year?  What “classics” should I prioritize?


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