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The Gospel According to LOST (book review)

My latest read/review (provided by the publisher through the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program) is a book called The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay.  One of the reasons I chose to read this book was because I like LOST, but I have also appreciated some of the work that Chris Seay has done in the area of theology and culture and was interested in reading more of his thoughts.  After a couple introductory chapters focusing on some of Seay’s basic understandings of LOST and life, each following chapter takes a main character from LOST and explores the themes driving that character’s actions and belief and areas which might overlap into our spiritual lives.

As many other reviewers love to point out, this book (like others of its kind) isn’t really about the “Gospel” of either the Christian faith or LOST, but is instead simply an opportunity to prompt questions of spirituality, faith, and theology through the lens of pop culture.  The book is fairly basic, raising  questions related to LOST and the Christian faith, although the approach is neither profound or groundbreaking (neither which it likely intends to be).  In the end, it was clear that Seay is a fan of the show.  Reading his thoughts reminded me of the conversations I would have with my friends while watching LOST, making this a fun and easy book to read.


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