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On Using the Scriptures

We must engage with our religious tradition, for it acts as a compass that enables us to navigate the world.  Yet we must combine this compass reading with a knowledge of the terrain in which we find ourselves and a deep love in order to work out which way we must travel.  Our interpretations of the Bible must then be understood more as temporary shelters than eternal structures.  We never finish reading the Bible but always find ourselves standing on its threshold, ready to read again.  Thus we can never rest easy, believing that we have discovered the foundations that act as a key for working out what we must do in different situations: for the only clear foundation laid down by Jesus was the law of love.  This love demands that we use the scriptures not as an ethical textbook but rather as a text that extrapolates the Christlike way of being in the world.

– Peter Rollins, How (Not) to Speak of God, 64.

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