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The Sacred Meal (book review)

Another book review thanks to the Book Review program of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  Nora Gallagher wrote The Sacred Meal as part of the 8 volume “Ancient Practices” series edited by Phyllis Tickle covering topics like fasting, spiritual disciplines, sabbath, etc.  Gallagher’s volume discusses the history, practice, and mystery of the Eucharist.  She is a writer, not a scholarly theologian, and her insights into the practice of Communion represent the beauty that she finds in this ancient Christian practice.

This is a book I read slowly.  I found myself rereading parts – writing parts down – and sharing the book’s words with others.    Gallagher is a gifted writer, and the book’s insights are powerful.  She combines stories with theology with history with memoir to capture the transcendent nature of the Eucharist.  She describes Communion as a practice, intended to “gradually move us out of one place and into another” (15).  Gallagher paints a picture the Eucharist as a practice which deeply affects us – our theology as well as our physical reality.  Scanning the reviews on Amazon, a number of concerns have been raised about Gallagher’s orthodoxy and theological precision.  While I did not fully agree  with Gallagher’s theology in all areas (particularly some Christological implications), I believe that, even if at times imprecise, her reflections on the beauty and mystery of Communion are valuable and beneficial.


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