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On the Eucharist

You are welcome at this table.  The altar is the big table.  This is the table that wants everyone there: poor and rich, women and men, children and older people, the mentally disabled and depressed, the homeless, the sane, the happy and the sad, the straight and the gay and the in-between.  Thieves are welcome here, and embezzlers; so are murderers and prostitutes and sex abusers and those who have been or are abused.  Those who have had abortions are welcome here as well as those who have not.  Drinking alcoholics, and those who’ve joined AA or have quit.  Everyone.  Just like the tax collectors and the blind man and the leper who followed Jesus.  The gospel story that makes the most sense to me about the Eucharist is the feeding of the five thousand.  Jesus didn’t ask those thousands of people camped on that hillside whether they had confessed their sins or how clean they were.  He fed them.

– Nora Gallagher, The Sacred Meal, 92.

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