Frustration Expressed

An e-mail I sent today.  Krissy’s comment after I read it to her – “You’re so funny when you’re mad.

To whom it may concern,

As you can see from the e-mails below, I have contacted your organization a number of times to request the complete removal of our names and address from any paper mailing list that your organization has.

In the past few weeks, we have received two or three additional mailings from your organization  (your magazine as well as several requests for contributions) – and this after three or four requests in the past year that we not receive ANY physical paper mailings from your organization.  We do not wish to contribute to any excess overhead costs for your organization nor do we wish to participate in the massive amount of paper waste that is consumed by such efforts to solicit funds.

Because we continue to receive paper mail from your organization despite numerous attempts to remove our name from your lists (and promises that we will only receive e-mail information, as we have requested), we have decided that we will no longer support your organization at this time.  Our mind may be changed in the future, but any further mailings we receive will only continue to reassure us that your organization is not one that we wish to support.



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