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On the Trinity

And Trinity is a steady call and invitation to participate in the energetically active life of God – the image of the dance again.  It is the participation in the Trinity (God as he has revealed himself to us) that makes things and people particularly and distinctively who they are.  We are not spectators to God; there is always a hand reaching out to pull us into the Trinitarian actions of holy creation, holy salvation, and holy community.  God is never a nonparticipant in what he does, nor are any of us.  There are no nonparticipants in a Trinity-revealed life.  We need to know this.  It is a lot easier to guide, motivate, plan, and direct from a distance, whether in our homes or in our work.  So we keep a little distance, find ways to delegate so we don’t have to get too involved.  But the reality of the Trinity does not permit it.  If we are going to know God we have to participate in the relationship that God is.  We discover ourselves as unique participants – each of us one-of-a-kind – in the life of God.  The Christian life is not programmed; it is a release into freedom.

– Euguene Peterson, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, 46-7.


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