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what difference do it make? (book review)

I finished a book sent to me from Thomas Nelson Publishers called What Difference Do it Make?  Stories of Hope and Healing.  (follow up to the wildly successful book “Same Kind of Difference As Me” by the same authors, which I had never heard of or read).

I had low expectations (I have a general disdain for “chicken soup” type feel good Christian books) and the book met those low expectations and maybe surpassed them a bit.  The book takes the form of the kind of quasi-devotional book one would give as a gift to all their friends, and maybe one of the issues I had was how many times this was mentioned (i.e. someone bought 50 copies of the first book to send to all their friends/family).  Because of the frequent mentions of the bestselling predecessor, I felt like this book failed to establish any unique identity of it’s own.  The parts of the book I did resonate with – the stories of deep hurt and pain and those of true reconciliation – were touching, but too few and far between.  So, some good stuff in the book, but it seemed like the first book may have been the memorable work.


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