Another book on evangelism? (book review)

There are a lot of books on evangelism.  New ones come out all the time.  It’s not hard to understand why; evangelism is a difficult, delicate, and not so popular part of the Christian faith (both inside and outside of Christian camps).  There are no easy “how to” guides since cultures and contexts change so rapidly.  New evidence demands new verdicts, and not everyone can always be convinced by the same kinds of evidence.

I wouldn’t call myself an evangelist.  I shy away from awkward conversations.  I don’t want to be connected with a lot of people who stand on street corners with big signs.  Yet, I think it’s hard to ignore that sharing our life (and how it has been changed by Christ) is a part of this others-focused faith tradition that I am a part of.  So I was a bit skeptical when I was sent a copy of The Unexpected Adventure by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg.  Strobel and Mittelberg aren’t my favorite authors.  I haven’t read most of their writings, and I have disliked several that I have read.

But I was actually surprised to enjoy the book.  Probably because it isn’t about methods or about six steps or about diagrams.  It’s kind of (and I say kind of because this is a bit of a cheesy sentence) just about Jesus, and about how the two authors’ lives have been changed and challenged because of Jesus.  The book is divided into 42 “days of adventure” (a bit cheesy, but not an overbearing or overused metaphor), each containing a story of a different way they have shared what it means to follow Jesus.  Some of them made me cringe, others made me say “I could do that.”

And maybe that’s the point.


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