Brokenhearted Theology, Chaplaincy

hospital snapshots #s 1-3

Snapshot 1: A young girl with dark hair sitting on a bench next to her mother whose red eyes are staring into space.  Both wear jeans.  The girl pulls her legs up onto the bench, hugs them towards her body, and puts her head down.

Snapshot 2: A child, about 8, laughing and smiling as she sets her dolls up across her hospital bed.  Her parents are at work, but her toys provide her the comfort of home and the normalcy of being surrounded by things she loves.

Snapshot 3: Parents and grandparents surround a young boy who smiles and giggles as he toddles from one loving embrace to another.  Everyone pretends not to see the medical-equipment-monster whose tentacles pierce the boy’s skin, restricting him to slow and jolted movements.


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