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Over the last three years I’ve read a lot about….thought a lot about…and talked a lot about deconstruction.  People joke that seminary (and maybe all graduate school) is about deconstructing ideas, books, religions, theologies, cultures, etc.  There was a lot of talk at Fuller about whether or not there were adequate resources for helping the reconstruction process once deconstruction happens.  In other words, once you take apart every piece of a machine in order to understand the purpose, meaning, etc. of each piece, can you put it back together in a way that allows you to move forward?

I like deconstruction.  I like realizing that things aren’t as simple as they are presented.  I like knowing the reasons behind the ideas.  I like knowing which things work and which things we just like to pretend work.  So, three years of reading and discussing – deconstructing – was fun.  I enjoyed it.

Yet, I also felt that I had kept a pretty good grasp on the reconstructed product.  That when it was all said and done, I would have gained and not lost through the education process.  I saw, know, and care about people whose boat was truly rocked by the waves of deconstruction.  Some of them fell over board.  Some of them are still holding on for dear life and others gave up.  And I was thankful that it didn’t happen to me.

Over the last few days, I’ve realized that my boat may have taken on more water than I had thought.  That maybe there is still some tough reconstruction work ahead.

This might be a longer road than I thought.


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