Reading Reflections

relationships, love, and great ideas (book review)

I finished reading a cool book today that came in the mail a week or so ago.  It’s called The Best Idea in the World: How Putting Relationships First Transforms Everything by Mark Greene.  Greene is the executive director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

While I think the title is a bit cheesy (it sounds like one of the many business books advertising “a truly great idea that can change how you do everything”), I really enjoyed the book.  It is short (160 pages), simple, and readable.  The book deals with relationships, but also focuses a great deal on what love looks like from a Christian theological perspective for us as individuals and for our world.  He talks about the double love command (Love God/Love Others) as the “litmus test for any other idea” (150).  While conversations about love can often be trite and shallow, Greene’s discussion focuses on a deep understanding of love, sourced in the core of God’s being and evidenced in our created identity.

A few quotes that I appreciated:

Holiness is love flowing out in thought, word and deed. (94)

“God’s concern for the other is intended to flow out beyond the needs of any immediate community out to the alien, the foreigner, the people who are not part of our gang…Only the kind of love that flows across borders has the capacity to overcome the rivalries of our riven world. (95)

The way of the disciple is the way of selfless love. (141)


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