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protesting injustice in small ways

After three years of living and existing largely within a 3 block radius near Old Town Pasadena and feeling fairly confident that I understood the parking rules, I walked up to my car yesterday to see the tell tale envelope/paper tucked into my wiper blades.

Being me, I immediately read the rules for contesting the parking ticket.  Must fill out a form.  Blah blah.  Must turn in in person.  Blah blah.  Include any evidence you might have to support your claim.  Blah blah. (there were really only those three steps – the blah blah’s were just me being irritated for getting a ticket).

So, I downloaded a form and wrote my nice letter.  After gauging my housemate’s opinion, I decided to “request” rather than “demand” that my fine be rescinded.  During my college years, I worked part-time for a state senator answering letters, e-mails, and phone calls from constituents protesting what they felt were gross injustices committed against them by anyone you can imagine (neighbors, government officials, local businesses, and black helicopters flying over their house).  I often wondered what kind of people have the time to spend writing letters and making phone calls about such inane matters.  Now I know.

The moral of the story is this.  When you do not earn a regular income, you should try to make money any way possible.  If you cannot make money, you should try to save money.  If you can neither make nor save money, you should do your best not to lose it in stupid ways like parking tickets.


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