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thoughts on changes

Changes are good.

Over the last few months we moved to a new area and into a new living situation, I stopped being in school full time, our schedule was much more clear than it has been in a few years, etc.

But changes are also hard.

We made the decision to move to California and knew that 3 years were set in stone (more or less).  My grad program would last three full years and that provided us a sense of stability for those three years.

As I was planning out the “end game” of my time at Fuller, I/we decided that it made the most sense in many ways to extend my program a bit.  So, instead of pushing through full time for my final quarter and squeezing in a full time internship, I only took one class this summer and am going to be serving as a hospital chaplain that will both fulfill my field ed requirements and satisfy my remaining class unit requirements (meaning I got out of a few classes – good because that means no exams and papers and it saves tuition money).

So, the three years turned into four and we’re now living in that fourth year.

But that means we don’t know what the fifth year looks like. And we are really enjoying life in the fourth year.  We love living in community.  We love the neighborhood we live in.  We love our faith community/congregation.  We’re in a really fun, enjoyable, and stable period of life.

All that to say, it will be a challenge to figure out what should/will come next.  We don’t know what is in store for us long term.  From our perspective, the future is still open and yet to be written.  There are a lot of decisions to be made in the next 10 months that will cause further change – none of it easy, but hopefully most of it good.

Just thought you would want to know all that.


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