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Living in Community

Things are changing.

For the last three years, we’ve lived “in community” in student housing at Fuller – an amazing group of people from around the world who have challenged and shaped us in many ways.

For the last two years, we have been “community coordinators” – giving us the chance to try to help others connect in deep and meaningful ways with the community around them.

Today, we are moving to East Hollywood to try  something new.   We are moving from our little one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom big(ger) house; sharing the house with us will be two close friends from our canvas group (a small community of folks from our church we hang out with regularly).

We are moving with the intention of sharing more of our lives and resources with others.  We are excited and scared to push each other in the areas of simplicity, hospitality, purity, discipleship, etc.  We want to open ourselves up to a level of accountability in a caring community.  We want to try and do something to counteract the prevailing loneliness plaguing our lives and our city.  These are lofty ideas.

We have some simpler ones too.  We want to eat together.  We want to garden together.   We want to laugh and play games together.  We want to work out our faith together.  We want to get to know our neighbors and neighborhood.  We want to share our lives with those living under the roof and those who live nearby.

We’ve already realized that this will be harder than we’d like to think.  It’s an experiment.  We will be stretched, and we anticipate that it will hurt at times.  But we are excited for the challenge.  We hope that we’ll be changed through this process.


2 thoughts on “Living in Community

  1. I’m so excited for you guys. I really respect who you are and what you’re doing. I kinda wish it was 15 miles in the other direction, but hey, East Hollywood is MUCH cooler than Azusa…


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