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the magic gift card

After a long weekend, I texted Krissy yesterday and asked her if she would “like to go out on a dave before clasp.”  For those who don’t know T9, that means “…date before class.”  I don’t know why my phone thinks that I would use clasp more often than class, but anyway.

We went to a place nearby where we had a gift card.  The gift card was given to us last summer and we had already used for one dinner, but it was a generous gift and there was some left on the card.  Not enough for a full dinner for two, but it would cover at least some of our meal.

We ate dinner; it was great; we got the bill.  I put the gift card and my credit card in, explaining to our server that the gift card wouldn’t cover the bill so they could charge the rest on my card.

Now, we knew that the gift card didn’t have enough on it to cover our bill for two reasons:

(1) We had used it before and gotten the balance after we used it the first time.  We couldn’t remember the exact number, but we knew approximately what it was – not enough for a full second meal for two.

(2) We ‘splurged’ on our meal last night.  For us, that means that we didn’t (a) each get the cheapest thing we could find on the menu and (b) we each ordered an entree instead of one of us ordering an entree (me) and the other (her) ordering some $3 or $4 appetizer and then us splitting.  We didn’t splurge enough to get anything but water to drink, but for us, it was pretty splurgy.

But we got back the bill and our server said there was money left on the gift card.  I opened the little f(ake)leather bill holder contraption and saw a number on the ‘gift card balance’ that was about $16 higher than we thought it should be (and we thought it should be $0).  We verified that our meal had actually been charged on it (and it had) and then celebrated the fact that we apparently had a magic gift card that replenished itself just like the widow’s oil jar in the Old Testament.

Just thought you should know.


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