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Good News

My friend JR Woodward has organized a series of guest contributers to his blog from Easter to Pentecost to reflect on what ‘the good news’ is in 300-500 words.   I was privileged to have JR ask me to contribute an entry, and it will go live on his blog tomorrow (Monday).  Check it out the series on his blog – there’s a new post every day and feel free to join the conversation by commenting on the blog.

Here’s a the first few sentences from my entry:

I woke up early on Easter morning around 4:45 AM to join some close friends at the top of Mount Wilson, just north of Pasadena, to watch the sun rise over the San Gabriel peaks.  At 5:30, as we drove up the mountain roads, darkness still dominated the sky and the indications of the coming light were evident only to those awake at this ‘ungodly’ hour.

Two thousand years ago, in the Middle East, a man of humble human origin and clear (yet still paradoxical) divine origin lived a life and died a death that was, and still is, an anomaly to our world: a life fully devoted to God and fully spent for the sake of others…

Check out the rest on Monday at


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