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a new trend in blogging?

One thing that I have noticed lately that is that really cool bloggers are starting to use bold text in their blogs.  I am intrigued by this, because these bloggers don’t go making entire sentences or thoughts bold – just a word or two at a time.  If you blog, you should try it because it is really fun.  I think it is because it gives people the chance to read only a few of the words that you write instead of the entire post.

I mean, who has time to read an entire post that you write?  If you instead do this bold thing, people will look at your blog and <boom> they will know what you are talking about before they even have a chance to eat their pile of roasted chestnuts that they prepared as a snack!

ps – there is a secret message contained within this post, but I bet you can not find it


6 thoughts on “a new trend in blogging?

  1. David Carr says:

    This is hilarious! Just what I needed in the midst of some early-morning writing!

    P.S. I think Jon Sampson is going to be mad at you.


  2. Maria says:

    dave, i’ve come to expect much more of you during finals week than one blog post and a theme change. what’s going on?!? there should be at least four more random posts up here by now to cheer me up when i’m sick of studying. (and at least one of them should reference a PBS show)


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