Pray for Rain.


I have a little sticker on my water bottle that my friend Maria made for me.  It has a silhouette of the African continent and says “Pray for Rain.”  Every now and then, people comment on my little sticker, but more than anything else, the sticker serves to remind me how unusual it is that I can so easily fill up this little water bottle multiple times a day and drink as much water as I would like.

Everything around me here in Los Angeles should be brown most of the year, but instead we see signs of color and life everywhere we look.  We live in a desert, but I have never gone thirsty.  Water has never been scarce for me.  Not only have I never gone thirsty, but our flowers, grass, and pets do not go thirsty.

I recently saw a blog post from my friend Joshua who lives and pastors in the Turkana region of Kenya.  His post reminded me that unlimited and easily accessible water is an illusion for many in the world.  And his post reminded me again of the need to pray for rain:

A couple of months have passed with no signs of rain in Turkana and several parts of the Country. Life has become hard. The kids are getting hard time attending schools due to lack of food at school. The livestock have no grass and no water for the animals and for the people to quench thirst. Children in the interior have resorted to stay at home until there is porridge in school.

The Unembraced Ministry here in lodwar through the IPHC church in Soweto village in Lodwar town is preparing some meals for the day care centers so that the kids can have a fill for the night.  for more information about the Unembraced ministry and what we are doing in Turkana, the norhtwest part Kenya you can visit or We need your prayers and financial support towards this need.  We need to support the christian families who are staying with orphans and also to support the families that can not get enough to feed on.



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