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Christmas camping

Krissy and I had the chance to get away last night.  We’ve been meaning to take a few days and get away this fall, but the last few months have flown by.  Although we’ve had some great trips with friends, we haven’t been able to get away with just the two of us.  With both of us on winter break right now, we had a few days before family arrives on Christmas day (tomorrow) so we decided to take a night and go camping up in the mountains nearby.  We finally decided on a place to go after a few others fell through because of various closures – we would head up the 5 to the mountains and camp at a site we found a few miles off the freeway.

There were a few points yesterday where we almost turned around and said “forget about it.”  First, the day ended up being crazier in Pasadena than we thought as we tried to wrap up various odds and ends around here, and we got a later start than we imagined.  Then, we had to run to REI to pick up a few things for this trip and our upcoming trip to the Channel Islands (mainly some kind of pant layer for me to fit underneath my regular pants so I don’t freeze).  We got on the highway, and (of course) there is traffic.  It takes us 3 times longer to get to REI than we imagined, and a few times we thought about turning around and going back home….but we pushed through.  Then we spent 3-4 times longer at REI than we anticipated (again, my fault…I’ve been looking for a new pair of running shoes, and they happened to have two in my size on sale to choose from…which took longer than expected).  Then we realized we forgot our fuel canister for our stove (we did this last time too).  Then there was more traffic.  We almost turned around and went home.  Then, we got through the traffic, solved our fuel crisis, and were within 5 miles or so of our exit on the interstate when we realized we forgot our national parks pass (which doubles as a national forest pass, which is where we were headed to camp).  Luckily, we found a 7-11 that sells a day pass for $5, so we didn’t have to turn around (even though I thought we would have to).

Turns out we had an awesome time.  We spent one night in a beautiful campsite – a little meadow with beautiful oak trees nestled into the side of the mountains, overlooking snow capped peaks in the distance.  We were the only ones there (what?  no one else likes to camp two days before Christmas?  huh, odd.) and it was great to just have some time in a quiet, secluded area.  It got cold early, so we were in our sleeping bags by 7:30 PM, and asleep a little after 8:30 or so after reading and talking.  We woke up after ten hours of sleeping, made some hot breakfast, packed up, and headed back to Pasadena.

We don’t get enough times like these to escape the craziness of the city and of our lives.



3 thoughts on “Christmas camping

  1. Krissy says:

    Just one clarification: one of us got 10 hours of sleep. The other was wide awake after a sufficient 7 and a half hours of sleep… at 4:00 am. I was, however, able to fall back asleep after a while.

    Thanks for a wonderful time, honey.


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