I’m over it

After yesterday’s post, I received a flurry of e-mails consoling me and offering a shoulder to cry on.  I really appreciate those offers, but I am going to turn them down because I think I am over it.  Yesterday, I happened to be walking through the Health and Beauty section of Target and saw an entire aisle full of toothbrushes.  Turns out you actually can get a toothbrush from someone other than a dentist (I thought they were the only ones with the license to give them out) but you have to pay for it.  I ended up choosing a set of two toothbrushes, one blue and one orange.  It also turns out that my old toothbrush was really bad, because this one has bristles that don’t feel like wet noodles running across my mouth.  

It is 6 days before Christmas.  We are staying in California this year, which means we will miss the snow, frostbite, ice, etc. that we would be able to celebrate in Wisconsin.  Too bad.  It will be different, not being at home for Christmas and celebrating with my family.  I think we might go to the beach early on Christmas morning, and then pick up K’s family (Rick, Nancy, and Milli are all coming out!) from the airport in the late morning and then head back to Pasadena to celebrate.  A few days later, we will get up really early to head to Ventura to catch our boat to the Channel Islands, where we will spend 4 days and 3 nights kayaking, camping, and hiking in the national park.  Awesome – you can’t do that in Wisconsin right after Christmas!


2 thoughts on “I’m over it

  1. bean. says:

    i like the dentist and all things dentist. you are crazy…or just self-conscious about your hygiene. you do smell. i do not sympathize in the least, either before or after you being “over it.”

    i would trade you snow for ocean, beach, kayaking and camping any day…especially any day after Christmas.

    i love you.


  2. Nikki says:

    I always have those same feelings at the dentist… and not sure what I would do if I survives all that and didn’t even get a toothbrush. You might confuse people with the Milli…. haha. Can’t wait! Only… 6 days!!!


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