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Fickleness drives us


I thought this was an interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor:

Will cheaper gas nix energy reforms?

Although I cannot totally remove myself from the consumerism and fickle nature of American culture, I find it fascinating to observe what drives people to care about certain issues at certain times (and, in this case, how that affects what they drive).  When gas prices are high, we can’t hear enough about the need for reduced reliance on oil, new fuel and vehicle technologies, and increases in public transportation.  Gas prices go down, and we ditch the Metro and hop back into our Hummers.

Six months ago,  I heard or read stories every week discussing the global food crisis.  People seemed generally concerned and interested in learning more about the plight of many across the globe who were
unable to afford the most basic necessities.  But, as people realized that our economy was dipping, no one seemed to care anymore about those in areas affected by drought, famine, etc.  Now there is some discussion of the global financial crisis, but it almost always is focused on how global markets are affecting us here in the center of the world (which in our ptolemaic view is America).

I guess I just feel like we are a fickle people.  Our eyes are drawn to anything that is sparkly or shiny, especially when those shiny things affect our 401k.  

I would like to learn how to move away from fickleness, and move towards centeredness and stability.  Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Fickleness drives us

  1. joey says:

    first a brief aside: have you heard of the “hummer club?” it’s a disturbing group of middle-aged men who proudly FILL THEIR TANKS THREE TIMES A WEEK. (at $99 a fill-up, that’s three hundred dollars a week per car so they can ride around in a tank.)

    secondly, thanks for these thoughts. It seems that the “huge” shifts in our economy aren’t as huge as the losses felt in other areas of the world.


  2. Joey Novak says:

    I am a lifetime member. Here is our creed/manifesto:

    HIGH PRIDE: We believe the answer to every car-related question is: My Hummer.

    UNCOMPROMISING: We believe that the phrase “eco-friendly Hummers” is oxymoronic.

    MAXIMUM AUTHORITY: We believe that ‘EPA’ stands for “Excited Prius Advertisers” and that they should be avoided and mocked at all times.

    MONEY IS FOR FUEL: We believe that spending more money per week on gasoline than on food is a worthy endeavor.

    EMPLOY OUR CHILDREN:We believe that our children should probably be getting part-time jobs to pay for our fuel costs.

    RUIN THE WORLD IN STYLE: We believe that driving a big-ass car is essential in order to be taken seriously in the world.


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