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De-scheduling Our Life

I know I’ve written a bit before about how crazy this summer was.  But to reiterate, it was really crazy.  It was really busy.  It was really stressful.  It was really unhealthy.  Yes, we did a lot of great things and took some great trips, but all in all I hope it’s not an experience that we have to repeat.

As soon as we moved to California, we literally had nothing on our schedules – no friends, no activities, no school or work (for a month or two, at least), no real responsibilities to speak of.  This was a drastic change from what we had faced in Wisconsin, where we had a lot of friends of family, even more acquaintances, lots of responsibilities.  So, it was refreshing for about a week and then got lonely, but it didn’t take long to meet people, gain responsibilities, and our calendar started to fill up.  

Now, two years have gone by, and our calendar hasn’t stopped filling up.  Our cell phones have filled up with California numbers, and it seems like it’s not that uncommon for a month of weekends to be full before we’ve even had a chance to think about it.

So, In light of all this, K and I have been trying something new – de-scheduling.  We’re going to attempt to escape, at least a bit, from the culture of busyness that surrounds us and the constant running and jumping through hoops that always ends in stress and exhaustion.  So, instead of making all kinds of plans weeks ahead, we’ll try to hold out and make more “week of” plans.   We only have two nights during the week where we don’t already have something scheduled in regularly, so we’re trying to hold onto those nights as much as possible, both just to have free nights and to have the ability to make last minute plans.  

We hope that this helps restore some of the sanity to our lives and helps us figure out how to live life at a more sustainable pace.  We’ll see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “De-scheduling Our Life

  1. Heidi Snyder says:

    Hey Dave- We’ve expierenced the exact same thing and are very protective of what we “allow” on our calendar. It’s way too easy to suddenly find yourself overcommitted, spread thin, exhausted, and unhealthy. We definitely reject the busyness of the culture…maybe even too much! I hope you’re able to find more peace.


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