Tales of Two Church Services…

Today was a good day.  We usually have our church gathering in the evening which allows us to spend the morning reading, studying, working, or playing games at a coffee shop before doing some grocery shopping.  We’ve been off of that schedule for most of this summer, and are excited to return to it soon.  

But, this morning we had the chance to go visit a church in the area that my totally awesome rad friend David was preaching at this morning.  Krissy and I met David and his wife Maria a few weeks after we moved to Pasadena two years ago, as they lived next door to us.  For the last two years, we’ve been lucky enough to do life with David and Maria as we’ve all tackled new jobs,  made our way through two years of graduate school, struggled to figure out marriage (and for them, parenting!), etc.  We’ve also done fun stuff…like camping, dancing, eating at crazy ethnic restaurants, playing Dutch Blitz, and having crazy conversations about life, politics, God, relationships, etc. that last long into the night.  All that to say, that we love the Carrs.  

Dave preached out of Exodus 16 and had some awesome things to say about what it looks like to trust God in the midst of life.  He paraphrased a particularly profound thought of Walter Brueggemann’s speaking of Israel, Egypt, and God.  I can’t remember Dave’s exact paraphrase, so my paraphrase of his paraphrase is that in Exodus we have 15 chapters where God is working to get Israel out of Egypt.  And then the rest of Exodus and the rest of the Bible (and probably the rest of history if you think about it) is God trying to get Egypt out of Israel.  Meaning that Israel had been so affected by the security, safety, and luxary of living in an empire like Egypt that they weren’t able to let go of Egypt even after being delivered from slavery.   Anyway, I loved the way Dave used the quote and thought it speaks profoundly to our situation today.  

And then, this evening we were lucky enough to celebrate our church’s 5th year anniversary.  The celebration recounted the ways that the congregation has moved forward in faith, ranging from baptisms to engagement with different neighborhoods in Los Angeles to increasing awareness and participation in issues of social justice.  We began attending Kairos a few months after the 3rd anniversary, and it has been an amazing journey as we have grown and been shaped through our interaction with this community.  It has been a blessing to have many in this group of people become like family to us.  


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