Is there anything left to burn?

This summer has been nuts…topping off what has already been a crazy busy past two years.  I only took two classes this summer, but between the reading and writing for those classes, moving to a new apartment, and three “job-ish” type things each pulling me in different directions for 10-20 hours a week, I feel like I just haven’t been able to catch my breath (this is like one of those moments in a T.V. show or movie when they use the title in a conversation – like Jack Nicholson when he cocks his head to the side and asks “Is this as good as it gets?” and everyone elbows the person next to them because that’s what the movie was called, and you know that an important moment just happened).

And, I am pretty sure that I am burned out.   

But, I think (and hope) that is good news.

Because if I’m truly burned out, there is nothing left to burn.  And maybe that will allow for some new growth.  Hopefully some growth that’s more cautious in the future.  And stronger.  And healthier.

I think I’m taking some necessary steps to allow that growth to take root.  Consider this an invitation to keep me on task, for my own sanity and for the sanity of those around me.


3 thoughts on “Is there anything left to burn?

  1. hey man,

    I am right there with u. Me and my wife just moved to Fuller housing and I got a couple of job things going on right now plus she’s 9 months pregnant. I wanted to ask r u the guy who did a devotional at the BeST day training for cc’s. If you are thanx for that story it puts it all in perspective.




  2. Ramon,

    Thanks for commenting. Life certainly gets hectic and crazy – and I can’t imagine what it’s like with a pregnant wife and a child coming soon! And, yeah, that was me at BeST day. Hope we can connect at some of the upcoming rescom activities!


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