So, in 6 days we are moving.  We’ve been in this apartment for nearly two years, but it’s time for a change!  A few months ago, we were told that our house had been sold and was going to be turned into luxary condos – if you’ve been in our place, you know that it’s a bit of a stretch to imagine our house as luxurious, but I’m sure they’ll make it look great!

So, we’re moving to another apartment a few blocks away.  We’re excited because the new place has about an additional 30 square feet and a swimming pool!  We’ll miss our old place…it has character, and has worked out well for us, but we’re excited to have all of our clothes in our bedroom (currently, we have clothes in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and living room!). 

One of the quirks of our place that we’ll miss is the snails.  We have a bunch of snails that live in the bushes near our house, and in the evening when the sprinklers around our house are going off, the snails cross the sidewalk back and forth to the lawn.  Krissy and I have taken it upon ourselves to “save the snails,” because far too often they get stepped on.  And that’s just sad (and gross). 


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