Go Peter, Go!

Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to get to know a guy named Peter who moved to LA last fall.  He is super cool, thoughtful, hilarious, and really good at playing disc golf (plus, he has a really sweet straw disc golf hat).  Also, Peter is also a really fast swimmer.  So fast that he has received Nintendo Wii’s in the mail because he is that fast.  Plus, a few of his swimming suits are worth more than our car.  He also has his own Wikipedia page (all I have is a facebook page…). 

Tonight and tomorrow at 7 CST, you can watch Peter swim in the 100 backstroke event at the U.S. Olympic trials in Omaha.  He is swimming in one of the deepest (in terms of competition, not how deep the pool is) events in U.S. men’s swimming, and has some stiff competition.  The top two racers will go to Beijing, and the qualifiers will likely be decided by hundredths of a second.  But Peter is lightning fast, and we are excited to watch him swim tonight (on the USA network, if you have cable).

Peter loves to compete, but he loves people more than competition.  Krissy and I had Peter over for dinner last week, and it was awesome to hear his thoughts on competitive swimming and how he approaches the guys he races against.  Peter is kingdom (of God) minded, and it shows in the way he approaches his swimming. 

So, check out the preliminary heats tonight and the finals tomorrow in the 100 backstroke and cheer on Peter!


One thought on “Go Peter, Go!

  1. We were able to watch Peter on our computer…we cheered a ton. Rick told me to stop yelling 🙂

    I’m sorry he didn’t make the olympics. But we think Peter is awesome anyway!


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