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Two Concerts in One Weekend???

The wife and I managed to go to two concerts this weekend.  They probably couldn’t have been more different from each other.

On Friday night, we went into Hollywood, about a block from the Kodak Theater, El Capitan, etc. to see a concert at the Knitting Factory.  One of Krissy’s students is in a band called “Wild Youth,” and we went to see them rock out in Hollywood.  It was awesome to see these middle school and high school kids play (a mix of originals and covers like Sweet Child of Mine, which made me want to go home and dig up my Guns ‘n Roses CD’s), and they were pretty good.  While we were in Hollywood, we also stopped at this grocery store called Fresh ‘n Easy.  Maybe you have heard of it, but we’ve never seen it.  They had really good prices on pretty healthy looking food, kind of like Trader Joe’s or something, and then we realized that they didn’t have anyone checking you out.  It was all self-checkout machines, with a big security guy with sunglasses watching to make sure you didn’t steal a jar of peanut butter or something.  He may or may not have been the only person employed by the store.  Kind of crazy.

The next night, we had a chance to hear the Pasadena Symphony.  We had gotten some vouchers last May at a silent auction for a great price, and this is one of the only nights in this concert season that worked for us.  The symphony performed Verdi’s Reqiuem, and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I had only heard snippets from the piece before, but to hear the entire thing performed live was really cool.  For a few years in high school, I really wanted to try and make a career out of playing trumpet in a symphony, so this brought me back to some of those days.  Good times.  Anyways, the lyrics of Reqiuem are the words of a Latin funeral mass, while the music takes the words and expresses the fear, pain, grief, and hope that accompanies death.  Powerful stuff.

Oh, and just to add a touch of ridiculousness to the night, we ate across the street from the auditorium.  Although we had planned to eat at one of the nicer restaurants, the timing didn’t exactly work out.  We ended up eating at the grocery market salad bar all dressed up in our fancy clothes.  Oh well, it was still a great night! 


3 thoughts on “Two Concerts in One Weekend???

  1. Stephen, year, Fresh n’ Easy is great. We like the new Whole Foods – they have some great bulk grains/rices/etc. A lot of their stuff is a little pricey though. It’s kind of like an amusement park inside.

    Nancy, that’s awesome! Yeah, it’s definitely a powerful piece!


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