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Get Rich…Quick?

Our Whole Foods gives us a 5 cent credit on our groceries if we bring in our own bags.  Krissy and I have an odd collection of canvas bags from various functions, activities, etc. that we’ve participated in, and they serve as our primary grocery bags. 

But what if we went in and purchased less than 5 cents worth of groceries?  For example, the best part of Whole Foods is that you can buy grains, nuts, beans, dried fruit, etc. in bulk.  If you purchased less than 5 cents worth, would you actually make money each time you went through the line?  Or, if they treat it as a discount rather than a credit, would you just get the items for free?  Sure, you’d have to buy 3 red lentils at a time for it to work, but that’s money in the bank each time you go shopping.

These are the kinds of ideas that make people rich.


4 thoughts on “Get Rich…Quick?

  1. not only would you make money, but you could slowly put Whole Foods out of business…
    let’s estimate they are paying their employees 10 dollars an hour, and your transaction takes 1 minutes and you are able to repeat the transaction every other minute, you have cost them $.02*30 minutes + opportunity cost (when the employee could have been helping a real paying customer).
    keep on rockin it!


  2. That’s absolutely brilliant. You may be really hungry in the process (eating only 1.5 lentils a trip between you and Krissy), but I think it’s worth it.
    Whew! Love that Money! (from the Taledega Nights Prayer).


  3. With ideas like that, you’re really going to go places in life, Kludt. That’s why I’m friends with you. I’m totally hitching my cart to that train.


  4. Dave,
    This is why I am so glad Krissy married you. You are SO resourceful.
    Jon, you just did an eggcorn. Ask Dave what that is. You don’t hitch a cart to a train you hitch it to a horse. You hitch a car to a train. Though a cart might do okay, that’s better than hitching a horse to a train!


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