Good Week Bad Week

Lots going on this past week.


The in-laws were in town, and we had a great time exploring different parts of California, talking, playing games, eating good food, etc.  Thanks for visiting R+N!

I started classes (again).  I think I will enjoy this quarter much more than I did last quarter.  I’m taking three classes (instead of four), and I think they will all be really good classes – challenging, but in ways that are more manageable than the frustrations of last quarter.

I am reading some books that I am enjoying.

I found a great deal on a new(er) camera on craigslist, and I’m excited to start taking pictures more often than I used to. 


We were going to go kayaking and camping on Santa Cruz Island (part of the Channel Islands National Park).  After getting up at 4:45 AM and driving 70 miles, we found out all boats to the island were cancelled due to extremely rough ocean conditions.  Being a weekend in California, all other campsites we checked out were booked.  So we spent the night in Pasadena instead.

Classes started (again).  This is my 7th quarter, and it feels like time has flown by.  10 weeks is barely enough time to process all the information I’m taking in, and 1 week breaks are not enough to rest/organize/relax before starting all over again.

My part time job is really busy right now, and will be for at least a few more weeks. 

ATA Airlines went bankrupt this week.  That means that the Hawaii backpacking trip/vacation that we had planned for this summer is no longer going to happen, as we used some vouchers that we had been given after getting bumped on an ATA flight last year.  We spent a little bit of money that wasn’t covered by the vouchers, and it looks like we’ll get that money back, but it is not enough to cover tickets for another airline.  Oh well.  Instead we’re going to be backpacking around California a bit.  Still cool, but there are no active volcanoes here.

Oh well.  Good week, bad week.  Life isn’t simple, black and white, or cut and dry.  But that’s cool.


2 thoughts on “Good Week Bad Week

  1. Sven, I got a Canon S3 IS. Not quite a DSLR, but one step closer. I’m reading a bunch for classes right now, but outside I’m reading NT Wright’s new book, Surprised by Hope, and Henri Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus. Both good and very thought provoking.


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