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Paper writing time…

The last few days, and the next 12 or so will pretty much be devoted to writing final papers for this quarter.  In lieu of trying to write my own thoughts, I decided to just steal verbatim a post my friend Dave wrote on his blog, since everything he wrote applies to me.  All compliments and criticisms should be directed to Dave.  Any spelling mistakes are entirely his fault.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at the library. It was the first time I had ever gone to Fuller’s library on a Saturday. It was actually a pretty relaxing way to get some stuff done. It’s cool to do some work on a day where there are no classes, meetings, etc. to have to worry about.

One of the cool things about this quarter is that I’m in an exegetical class with a lot of guys I took Greek with last quarter. We all have a really tough paper due this week, and 4-5 of us have been sharing a table in the library. It’s pretty funny to see like 5 guys crammed around one table!

Here’s the thing though: I’ve really benefited from working on my paper in the midst of community. It has actually been a great help for me. We all have the same professor and are writing papers with different theses on a handful of Scriptures we had to choose frorm. When I have a formatting or Greek question, I can always bug my friend Dave…incessantly! We’ve been there to give each other advice and to help one another make important decisions in the progress of our papers.

It made me wonder why we all had never done this before. This may sound nerdy, but I’m beginning to like the library’s atmosphere…but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s a shared community learning environment with a group of great friends that I’m getting closer to in the process.


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