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The Ethics of Financing American Politics…

Part of me wanted to puke last week when I saw the headlines that Obama had raised over $32 million in the month of January, breaking all one month records for candidates who still faced primary opponents.  Check out the full AP article here

These are the kinds of things that just reaffirm how off base our country’s political system has become, and that despite the chatter of “change,” nothing is really changing.  When we live in a world where a few pennies a day given to the right cause can literally mean the difference between life and death for children who are dying of diseases that we cured decades ago, how do we not turn our heads in disgust at the amount raised and spent in electoral politics every few years?  Looking at the hundreds of millions of dollars spent wasted on advertisement, campaigning, etc. pretty much makes me feel sick to my stomach. 

I realize that this raises bigger issues – our political system is not the only multi-billion dollar industry that we support, explicitly or tacitly, by living in this country.  So, in a sense, it’s probably hypocritical to pick on campaign finances, but I would really like to start thinking about how we can break free from these systems that are just funneling through money like it comes out of nowhere (which, in a sense it does in America, as long as it is spent in America on Americans…it’s just the rest of the world on fire that doesn’t see the fruits of capitalism). 

I’m not sure what to do about stuff like this.  It just seems like we’re so numb to large sums of money that we don’t blink when we hear amounts like $32 million.  How can we re-humanize ourselves as individuals and as a society, and start living in ways that show the ridiculousness of spending so much money on absolutely nothing? 


2 thoughts on “The Ethics of Financing American Politics…

  1. Thanks for the post Dave. It’s so easy (at least for me) to get sucked into thinking that politics are important when they really have nothing to do with the kingdom of God. Your posts keep me hearing that challenging voice to stay focused and not to put too much stock into the political rat race…well, you and Greg Boyd I guess.

    Oh, and this is a pretty brassy post for Super Tuesday. I like it!


  2. ben cassil says:

    “I need more grace than I thought” they say that in a mewithoutyou song.

    Yeah I agree that it’s a waste of money. plus, think of all the money that was spent on Romney’s, Thompson’s, Edward’s etc campaigns. and these are just to get their party’s nominations to run for president, and they dropped out, effectively “wasting” their money.

    There should be a law against political TV ads. It would save money, and be less annoying.


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