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The World of Juno

It’s hard to find a time of year that’s not movie crazy here in Los Angeles, but if any time was more movie crazy than others, it’s the month preceding the Academy Awards. Everyone is talking about movies, and it is hard to get away from all of the buzz. Rather than fight it, Krissy and I decided to give in to the pressure and go see one of the movies nominated for best picture: Juno.

I thought the movie was really enjoyable – funny, interesting, colorful, etc. Whenever I watch movies, something inside me always seems to be anticipating something horrible and random to happen (i.e. the main character gets hit by a bus, someone falls off a cliff, frogs fall from the sky, etc), but nothing like that happened in this movie. It made me genuinely laugh a few times, and I thought the short shorts were amazing. The music worked, and it was just quirky enough to be different without being over the top.

But, as Krissy and I were talking about it afterwards, we realized that nothing in the movie is actually real. It’s like the writers and directors created a fantasy world where kids talk, think, and act like adults and no one’s actions have any real consequences. Nothing bad really happens to anyone, no one gets in trouble, awful situations resolve with smiles and glasses of wine, and in the end everyone is happier for it. There are maybe two minutes in the entire movie when you feel like there is actually some real emotion on screen, but it all fades away pretty quickly, resorting back to the fantasy pain free world.

I’m not saying that this is bad…but I think in a movie that is about very real kinds of things (teen pregnancy, divorce, broken families, love, etc.), it could be confusing and misguiding for people who might watch it and think that the story took place in our world because the clues that it’s actually a fantasy world are extremely subtle.

I’d love to hear if anyone else had similar thoughts…or if you haven’t seen it, go check it out and report back! It might be my pick for the year’s best fantasy movie!


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