About a month ago, Krissy watched the movie Once with some of our friends while I was out of town.  She immediately told me how much she loved the movie, and while we were home in Wisconsin she recommended it to a number of our friends.  Last night, we decided to rent it (from the big DVD rental machines at the grocery store, of all places) and watch it. 

After Krissy had built it up so much, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it turns out that I really loved it.  The movie is probably about half music and half dialogue, and the music plays a big role in the progression of the story.  So…if you like singer/songwriter music, simple yet interesting movies, definitely check out Once

You can listen to the soundtrack at the website – http://www.foxsearchlight.com/once, although as Krissy said last night, if you hear the music first the movie may not be as fun (since it is so integral to the plot).  But, it is pretty sweet music and worth listening to (and you can even download an mp3 of one of the main songs).

Good stuff.


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