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I was shot!

Krissy and I just got back to Pasadena after hanging out with some of our good friends in East Hollywood.  I was carrying a big crock pot full of chili back to our car on Hollywood Boulevard, when I heard a whizzing noise and felt a sharp stinging sensation on my left shoulder blade, and then heard something smack against a building we were walking by.  I looked over my shoulder to see a big white or tan SUV drive by with an open window. 

So…Krissy heard the noise too, and saw me react to being hit by something, and being kind of worried, we just kept on walking rather than stopping to see what hit me.  But, now I have a nasty welt on my back.  We determined that it was something about the size of a marble or ball bearing, and probably came from something like a sling shot or some low powered pellet gun.  It was definitely harder and faster than anyone could have thrown, and my recollection seems to clearly suggest that it came from the SUV that drove past, and I can’t image that it was somehow unintentional.

 Kind of an odd way to end a night…I was the victim of a drive by on Hollywood Boulevard.



5 thoughts on “I was shot!

  1. Hans says:

    What? Are you serious? Did you feel the shot right away, or after the SUV drove away? I’m really glad it didn’t hit anything more damaging, being so close to your head.


  2. Hans, I felt it and turned around to see the SUV drive past me…yeah, it could have been nasty if it hit somewhere on my head…and, yeah, no problem with the shaving 😉

    David, it was for sure Wolf. Good detective skills. He knew we were making fun of him from the opposite side of the arena.

    Grete, me too, although then I probably would have some sweet bling in my back!


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