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You got WHAT in the mail?

Ever since I left for college, my mom has been diligently supporting the U.S. Postal Service by sending things to me in the mail.  For the last 6 years, the packages that she has sent have gone above and beyond what I even thought was possible (or legal!).  Whether it was a holiday themed box of random ‘goodies’ and ‘trinkets’, or just a random postcard to let me know that she is thinking about me and misses me, I don’t think a month has gone by without receiving something from her.

Throughout college, my roommates would howl when I received a oddly shaped box full of Valentine’s Day decorations (like blow up hearts with those window suction cup things), conversation hearts, and random other candy.  Any holiday in which there were themed “Peeps”, I received them and forced my roommates to share them with me (I don’t love Peeps ((But I love getting them, mom!))). 

When we moved to California, nothing changed in my mom’s mailing habits.  Krissy and I have received numerous kitchen items (everything from a spring-form pan to a cheese grater), a huge skimboard with a big watermelon on it, blown out eggs to decorate for Easter, and even a Christmas tree which she sent after we told her we didn’t have a tree to put up in our apartment. 

The other day, I received another odd shaped package from her (they are odd shaped because she usually makes her own boxes from pieces of cardboard so that there room for everything that she sends).  I opened it up and found a little note inside wishing us well and saying that she misses us, along with a pair of blue scrubs (which I’ve wanted for some time…at least the pants!), a recipe for cooking turkey, and wrapped in plastic bags and plastic wrap….a humongous “short cake” (as in strawberry shortcake). 

So, Mom, although you probably will never read this…your packages are amazing – they make us smile, laugh, and miss you as well.  They also taste really, really, good with ice cream and strawberries.


(me offering a weird smile with my scrubs on, holding the cake)


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