A twilight haze at noon…

Obviously, most people have heard about the fires that are ravaging much of Southern California…check out this google map to see the locations of the fires. 

The closest fires to Pasadena are about 30-40 miles away, but I am amazed at how the fires are affecting the sky/air.  News reports are warning people not to spend time outside because of the air quality throughout the area, and cars have a thin layer of ashy dust on them.

The craziest thing is that all day the sunlight has been an eerie orange, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was the middle of the day, and not ‘twilight.’  As the day has progressed, the sky has gotten hazier and cloudier…I just recently took the below picture (through a screen, so it’s not great quality) that shows a small strip of blue sky above the mountains north of Pasadena contrasting the smokey haze that’s descended on us. 


Check out the LA Times’ Reader submitted photos for some amazing shots from the different fires.  

So…we’re fine, and I doubt any fires will make their way towards Pasadena.  But there are an estimated 500,000 people who have been evacuated from their homes…with countless homes and neighborhoods destroyed.  I think the last I heard is that there have been 6 deaths related to the fire.  Keep these people in your thoughts and prayers..many of these people will have many weeks and months until their lives return to anything that could be considered normal.


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