Reflecting on the past year – Home?

Just over a year ago I wrote this:

We woke up this morning with a strange feeling.  We don’t have anywhere to go anymore.  We don’t have anymore driving to do. 

This is a new feeling for us.  For the last month and change since we got married, we’ve been anticipating and preparing for this move.  Our waking thoughts, as well as our dreams were all kind of centered around this single event that is now wrapping up. 

So..we’re “home” now.  But it doesn’t necessarily feel like home.  Home to me seems more like an old house on Kendall Avenue in Madison.  Home feels like watching episodes of the Wonder Years on the green couch with Mike and Adam.  Home feels like eating dinner at Krissy’s parents and just hanging out there.  Home seems very far away for both of us, I think. 

I have faith that together, Krissy and I will figure out what we need to do to make this place home. 

It is amazing how fast the past year has gone.  It feels like I wrote this post yesterday, and a lot of the emotions that I felt last year resurface when I reflect on the stuff that I wrote then. 

But, a full year has passed by.  A lot has changed.  There is still a draw towards the “home” that is pizza in Madison, Wonder Years, and the green couch.

But there is a new “home,” too.  A home that involves new friends, new challenges,  a dusty little apartment, and entirely new surroundings that are becoming familiar and beloved. 

One year ago I had no idea what to expect from a new city, a new apartment, a new wife, a new school, a new church, etc.  Life has been very good for us the past year…very different than what we were used to in Wisconsin, but very good. 

I feel very blessed that we have found “home” way out here in southern California, 2,500 miles from the places and people that were home (and still are and always will be, despite being “home” somewhere else) for many years. 


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