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Riding the Metro: A Different Side of LA

On Sunday I took the LA Metro for the first time.  Krissy was singing at church in the evening, so she had to take our car and leave early for rehearsal, so that left me needing to get to Hollywood from Pasadena, and I didn’t feel like a 20 mile bike ride so I turned to public transportation.

I could have taken an hour long bus ride for $1.25, but I decided instead to opt for the 45 minute light rail ride for $2.50.  I took the nice and new above ground Gold Line to Union Station, and then took the older and darker underground Red Line up to Sunset and Vermont.

Seeing L.A. by rail is a lot different than seeing it by car or bike.  Unlike the freeway system, the rail lines cut through neighborhoods, urban areas, etc.  I felt like I got a better picture of Los Angeles, not only because of the houses and buildings, but also the people you see. 

The metro has such an interesting ridership.  Everyone says LA is a diverse city, and that comes alive on the metro.  Diversity in language, socio-economic, ethnicity, etc – it’s all there.  Some people sleep on the metro, trying to get a little more rest before getting home or starting their next job.  People with lots of bags and a bike taking up two or three seats, hoping that they won’t be bothered.  Tourists visiting Hollywood and Chinatown. 

Everyone riding together on the metro.


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