Unexpected: a new member of the family

This title is probably misleading.

Today I was in the bathroom washing my face and I noticed something in the sink.  Coming out of the little drain hole at the top of the sink (the one that prevents the sink from overflowing if it’s clogged) was growing a little green plant. 


I never knew that something could grow inside of a sink pipe thing (especially in a room that doesn’t get any sunlight), so I was pretty amazed.  And I guess it’s also a little gross, because it’s obviously really dirty in there. 

I wonder what else is growing in our apartment without our knowledge?


5 thoughts on “Unexpected: a new member of the family

  1. i honestly laughed out loud, and i don’t often do that to things i read… please keep the little plant… oh, and you should name it. we’ll see how big it gets by the time mike and i move out there next year!


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