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ministering amidst tragedy


I never know what to do or say in light of awful tragedies like what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday. 

I have no idea how to practically live out the gospel in such an emotional, horrendous, and unbelievable situation.

 As a Christian, and as someone who loves working with the collegiate generation, as this situation has unraveled, I have been challenged to find ways to categorize such an awful event within my own understanding of faith and God, as well as finding practical ways of communicating and ministering love in situations like this.  These situations have a unique fragility about them, and I find that I don’t always know the words or actions to comfort, console, or live out the gospel’s “good news” in the midst of tragedy. 

As I’ve searched around for news, details, and stories about the tragedy, I’ve appreciated the thoughts, responses, reflections from the following people/organizations:

In the aftermath, I pray for healing for the students, the victims, the families, the faculty and administration, and the surrounding community – that the local church can minister with compassion, grace, and mercy as they seek to offer Comfort, Love, and Truth to those who have lost so much – that through such a tragedy, there might be a glimmer of hope and peace that shines brightly through the darkness.


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