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Life, Class, Home, and Outfits

Just a short life update and random snippets from my scattered mind…

This week was the start of my spring quarter at Fuller…hard to believe, but only 10 quarters left until graduation! I know that’s two and a half years away, but the first two quarters have flown by, and I expected that the next ten will as well. I always catch myself telling people still in high school or college that they should enjoy their time, because “time flies.” I think it’s time people (especially me) stop saying that and admit that “life flies.” Maybe if we didn’t spend so much time talking about how fast time flies we’d get more done. Or maybe not.

I was in the library the other day, and a book led me to read Acts 8:26-40 alongside 2 King 5:1-15. Both stories reminded me of a similar story that I experienced several years ago, and I thought it was sweet to see the patterns that God has used to bring people to himself for thousands of years.


My sister came and visited last week, and we had a blast. Did a few “LA things” by going to see free preview screenings of movies, went to be movie extras in an upcoming Will Ferrell movie, and hung out at the beach. We had some trashy weather, but also some beautiful weather. Kat, it was sweet spending time with you out here!

As I mentioned, this was the first week of new classes. For the next ten weeks I will be engrossed in post-reformation and modern theology, the gospels, and Anglo-American postmodernity. Soundsimg_7363.jpg exciting, doesn’t it? It will be a busy ten weeks, for sure…

Today I realized that I am wearing the same outfit as I did on July 26, 2006. This picture was taken on a beautiful summer night on my dad’s sailboat on Lake Mendota.

dsc03874.JPGAnd, speaking of Madison, we have made our tentative plans for a visit home this summer…roughly 3 weeks split between a lot of places and events…if you want to schedule some time with us, let us know soon and we’ll see if we can fit you in ;). As much as I love Pasadena and Southern California, I am excited and ready to spend some time at home (in 3 months, at least). Madison is a unique place, and I can’t wait to get back there.

And, to close, 4 pictures that go together well, one that’s just a nice picture, and one movie of a pigeon taking a bath to try out the new video features.




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