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Rainy Day Pasadena #12 and 35

img_3106.JPGWe don’t see that much rain here in Pasadena. Last week it was 95 and sunny. This week, my sister is visiting from Wisconsin, so of course we get clouds and rain.

Usually we have a pretty sweet view of the San Gabriel mountains from our house, but it’s been so foggy this week that we haven’t seen them at all. To prove to my sister that they are actually there, we drove a few miles up the road to go for a little hike. It was drizzling when we started, but the rain started coming down at a pretty good pace during our short hike.


It was beautiful. The foggy mist was moving quickly across the hills and valleys, and we watched as the rain clouds slowly inched their way towards Pasadena from the hills we were hiking in. It was amazing how remote it felt even though we were only about five miles away from downtown Pasadena. With all the rainy green, it felt more like the Pacific northwest than southern California.

Even though I love warm and sunny days, I loved the wet grays, greens, and browns that covered the San Gabriel’s today. Pretty beautiful.



3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Pasadena #12 and 35

  1. Oooo I love misty foggy days. I do NOT love 95 degree weather days! 😉

    But I could use some time at the beach…so I guess 95 would be better than misty and foggy.


  2. Dave & Krissy — nice seeing you again last week. It would be great to catch a cup of coffee sometime & have more than 60 seconds to chat. Maybe we can plan that in the next couple of weeks sometime.


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