Wasps in the House

I am nearly finished with finals (two papers left), and I was working on one of them at home this afternoon when I was chased off by a huge wasp hanging out by one of our bedroom windows (where our desks are).  Given the ~90 degree weather, our apartment is pretty warm so if you close the windows it gets really stuffy, but with a wasp hanging out on the inside of the screen I had to close the window.  And it’s too hot to close the window, so I had to leave the house.

Now, a fair question would be why I just didn’t kill the wasp and continue studying.  There is a fairly simple answer to that, and that is that I am terrified of wasps and bees.  I was slightly allergic to bee-stings when I was a kid, and am not sure if I still am, but I don’t really want to find out.  When I was little, I stepped on a beehive and got stung all over and blew up like a little balloon.  I don’t know if that incident haunts me to this day, but I do know that I couldn’t study with that wasp near me, or even knowing that it was loose in the house. 

Maybe we should just get some screens that actually fit so they can’t get in…or maybe I should just get over my wasp/bee-phobia.  Who knows.


One thought on “Wasps in the House

  1. I’ve never been stung by either…but they scare me! It was really windy one day last summer and a huge hornet came into our yard! I didn’t think we got those in Colorado! It scared me to death!

    I’ve seen on the news lately that for some reason bees are starting to die off. That could be really scary if you think of all of the crops that would not be pollinated.


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